Luxo Ball/Pixar Ball. (1986) Pin.

This well known yellow ball with a blue stripe and red star, first made its debut in 1986 in the 'Luxo, Jr.' short as a prop. Since then it's become a well know Pixar Easter Egg, mostly seen in the Toy Story franchise, I like to class it as the Pixar version of Pixar, part of the 'lamp and the ball that started it all'... - Through The Doors Store allows you to step into the Pixar universe by using these collectable Pixar In(spired) Pins as the key to unlock a new door, to a new world, one pin at a time... - Size: 40mm Base: Gold Double pin legs & fastenings for a more secure fitting. - For updates and more information follow us on Instagram: @throughtedoorsstore @timlovesdisney