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About Us

Hi there!👋

My name's Tom, but you can call me Tim and I'm a massive 90's nerd who loves classic cartoons, modern day animation, and everything in-between. 🤓

I still love, adore and admire the pop culture I was surrounded by growing up, be it 90's music, classic (now vintage) cartoons, must see hit movies and everything else in between. Truthfully I'm just a big kid at heart. 💖

I launched 'Popcorn' in early 2021 after realising I really was stuck in my youth and wanted to share with you just exactly what I loved the most growing up, but at the same time give back to YOU what you grew up with too, that one thing that still gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside! 🤩

It's so easy to get stuck or feel trapped in the ever growing and changing world of technology we live in, it feels like music has been replaced with auto-tune, cartoon is now mainly CGI, but I'm here to bring it all back to life, make you feel young again and help break YOU from the chain and give back to you what you once loved watching/hearing the most growing up! 🌱

I aim to bring as many people their favourite most NOSTELGIC childhood memory back to life, weekly if not daily I'll be adding new lines, mostly graphic t-shirts, but if you say you want more than what I've got then I'll do my best to find you what you want and bring you back the character, the TV show or the music you once loved (and deep down still do) the most! ✌🏼

Take a look around the site and see what hidden treasure you can find/resurface from your youth, we've also included a bit of modern pop culture too, and the reason being that everything gets stuck in time and what we add today will already be in the past tomorrow. 📆

In May 2021 we became the new home for Through The Doors and that's when the real fun began, exploring not only the past, but the future.✨